About Us

Since 2006, our platform has provided professional support China and US companies to market and sell products to the large US retail chains through our in-house sales team and national network of sales reps.

ChinaMart Los Angeles has provided showroom space and L1 visas through its history as a corporation as an added-value to our clients; however, our clients have become more sophisticated and are focused only on sales performance. In our continued evolution, ChinaMart decided to stop offering L1 and showrooms as of 12/31/2012 to better focus on the services are clients want most.

ChinaMart now provides only marketing, sales, warehousing and after sales-service through its partners for products that fit our expertise. ChinaMart has always wanted to help its foreign investors to transition most easily to the US, but there are many qualified providers that can provide the non-core services while we focus on the main goals…BRANDING & SALES SUPPORT!