China’s 3rd Plenum and President Xi’s New Powers

China is becoming more intriguing all the time because as it moves towards a stronger capitalistic economy, the government is apparently consolidating power in their President’s position.  This could be seen as a move for more centralized power, or alternatively an attempt at copying the US’s system … [Read more...]

Social Stability in China is the World’s Problem….

Many think that the social issues and welfare of China are the sole problems of fact, I would argue just the opposite.  China's social stability is directly tied to "global growth" and stability.  How can this be? China's top down approach to capitalism where the state manages the … [Read more...]

Is this the Golden Opportunity for Obama & Xi in Rancho Mirage?

As I have been yelling for the last 5 years at the top of my lungs, in my book, on my blogs...the US Government needs a lesson in "guanxi" so that they can begin to build the real relations with China on a cultural level of understanding before they talk about human rights, security issues, … [Read more...]