China’s Economy in Trouble?

Is China's economy in trouble? Central Bank of China made announcements last week that it would be reducing the reserve requirement ratio for commercial lenders to maintain the liquidity for China's financial system.  This move is seen by the … [Continue reading]

“The Hunger Games” was banned in China…Why not in the USA too?

I went to see the movie, “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins this weekend and was shocked.I knew it had been banned in China, but did not think too much about it; however, after I saw the movie, I came away thinking, “How could so many people ($152 … [Continue reading]

Growth in Free Trade and Jobs Go Side-by-Side… Why are we in Danger as a Country?

As a country we need to recognize that Free trade creates jobs and benefits a county economically as a whole… the citizens of the United States need to start thinking of our country as a publicly traded stock with our actions either increasing or … [Continue reading]

Our Govt Missed the Course on ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ when it comes to China

Many at the top in the US Government apparently have not read Dale Carnegie’s book or have chosen to simply refute its findings. When dealing with another, try to be appreciative and see the situation from their angle and work backwards to achieve … [Continue reading]

Will Cheap Capital from China Stop? Who should worry…

Based on latest data, China is becoming more savvy by way of investing its $3.2 trillion in reserves. Because of our politicians inability to agree on a real budget and deficit reduction plan, our economy has not only been down-graded, but worst of … [Continue reading]

CNN REPORT REBUTTAL: ChinaMart Hosts Match-Making Event to create Jobs in LA, Not Sabatoge….

As the CEO of China Mart Los Angeles...I provided CNN recently with my rebuttal to their iReport posted on China Mart Los Angeles and the Tibetan Protesters activity at China Mart on Feb 16th during our hosted event for VP Xi Jinping's business … [Continue reading]

SINGTAO Newspaper reports: ChinaMart Hosts Vice President Xi Jinping Business Delegation on Feb 16th


[Continue reading]

Xi Jinping’s China Is A Trade Partner, Not A Trade Enemy

Los Angeles, CA—With the visit of China's vice president Xi Jinping to the United States and his meeting with President Obama, there is renewed hope for calming American fears regarding the Chinese superpower, according to one Asian business … [Continue reading]

New Book: “Doing Business with China: The Secrets of Dancing with the Dragon” by Stephen Perl

ChinaMart USA Book Publishing Inc. in conjunction with Arbor Books has published the latest book in a series focused on furthering international relations between the US and China. ChinaMart and/or Arbor Books do not necessarily represent the … [Continue reading]

Categories of Product Represented by Factories attending the ChinaMart Vice President’s Event on Feb 16th:

Seasonal Gifts Glassware Handmade Glass Home decor Glass blown gifts Acrylic Home decor Furniture home (i.e. wood and steel) Outdoor Furniture Garden Plastic & Rubber Housewares Ceramic Housewares Ceramic tiles Table top, … [Continue reading]