Will Cheap Capital from China Stop? Who should worry…

Based on latest data, China is becoming more savvy by way of investing its $3.2 trillion in reserves. Because of our politicians inability to agree on a real budget and deficit reduction plan, our economy has not only been down-graded, but worst of all, our currency keeps loosing more of its … [Read more...]

CNN REPORT REBUTTAL: ChinaMart Hosts Match-Making Event to create Jobs in LA, Not Sabatoge….

As the CEO of China Mart Los Angeles...I provided CNN recently with my rebuttal to their iReport posted on China Mart Los Angeles and the Tibetan Protesters activity at China Mart on Feb 16th during our hosted event for VP Xi Jinping's business delegation. Here is CNN's iReport and... Below is my … [Read more...]

Xi Jinping’s China Is A Trade Partner, Not A Trade Enemy

Los Angeles, CA—With the visit of China's vice president Xi Jinping to the United States and his meeting with President Obama, there is renewed hope for calming American fears regarding the Chinese superpower, according to one Asian business expert."If we can cut through the anti-China rhetoric, … [Read more...]

New Book: “Doing Business with China: The Secrets of Dancing with the Dragon” by Stephen Perl

ChinaMart USA Book Publishing Inc. in conjunction with Arbor Books has published the latest book in a series focused on furthering international relations between the US and China. ChinaMart and/or Arbor Books do not necessarily represent the authors ideas but supports the overall cooperation … [Read more...]