China’s 3rd Plenum and President Xi’s New Powers

China is becoming more intriguing all the time because as it moves towards a stronger capitalistic economy, the government is apparently consolidating power in their President’s position.  This could be seen as a move for more centralized power, or alternatively an attempt at copying the US’s system … [Read more...]

Social Stability in China is the World’s Problem….

Many think that the social issues and welfare of China are the sole problems of fact, I would argue just the opposite.  China's social stability is directly tied to "global growth" and stability.  How can this be? China's top down approach to capitalism where the state manages the … [Read more...]

New Book Release: Secrets of Business with China by Stephen Perl

ChinaMart USA Book Publishing Inc. has partnered with ChinaMart Los Angeles, a business platform dedicated to promoting trade cooperation and better understanding of cultures between the US and China. ChinaMart Los Angeles assists US companies in exporting their goods to China and sourcing new … [Read more...]

iDeaUSA reviewed by

iDeaUSA was reviewed extensively by a writer from Discovery Channels for their website "". They also describe our marketing, design and core value/philosophies. Here is the 4 page review: … [Read more...]

US Jobs & Unemployment figures a Sham…Where are the jobs?

US Jobs & Unemployment figures a Sham…Where are the jobs? Stephen Perl, MBA, MS It’s funny how the media only shows you one face of the coin when their our political motivations involved…here is part of ‘the Sham’: July ’2012 Job’s Report was up 163,000 according to the Labor Department from … [Read more...]

Is China becoming too Expensive?

The answer is not simple…but it can be answered.  We have to look at some foundational information first to understand the full picture…. China has seen a paradigm shift from a 14.8% GDP annual growth in 2007 (and plus 10% growth  annually for the previous 30 yrs)  to 7.6% GDP annualized growth … [Read more...]

The Truth on the US-China Economic Relationship….

I have just read  Mr. Stephen Roach, Academic CEO of Morgan Stanley and it hits a home-run in bringing the quintessential issues of US-China relations to the table.  It removes the economic smoke that our government has painted for election purposes and logically drives home the overwhelming need to … [Read more...]

SINGTAO Newspaper reports: ChinaMart Hosts Vice President Xi Jinping Business Delegation on Feb 16th

[Read more...]

Categories of Product Represented by Factories attending the ChinaMart Vice President’s Event on Feb 16th:

Seasonal Gifts Glassware Handmade Glass Home decor Glass blown gifts Acrylic Home decor Furniture home (i.e. wood and steel) Outdoor Furniture Garden Plastic & Rubber Housewares Ceramic Housewares Ceramic tiles Table top, silver & cups Suitcases, bags Apparel … [Read more...]

ChinaMart Los Angeles Hosts Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s Business Delegation During His February Visit To Los Angeles

As CEO of both ChinaMart® Los Angeles ( and PMF Bancorp ( ), Stephen Perl is proud to announce that ChinaMart® Los Angeles is organizing the Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s Business Delegation to Los Angeles in February 2012.  Positioned as China’s next … [Read more...]