ChinaMart Los Angeles Hosts Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s Business Delegation During His February Visit To Los Angeles

As CEO of both ChinaMart® Los Angeles ( and PMF Bancorp ( ), Stephen Perl is proud to announce that ChinaMart® Los Angeles is organizing the Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping’s Business Delegation to Los Angeles in February 2012.  Positioned as China’s next president, Vice President Xi Jinping is coming to Los Angeles in effort to continuously build both the political and business relationships. “No matter what changes affect the international situation, our commitment to developing the Sino-U.S. cooperative partnership should never waver in the face of passing developments,” Vice President Xi told a meeting in Beijing in January 2012.

While arriving with a political delegation to help enhance diplomatic ties, the other focus of the Vice President’s trip is to build more business relationships and expand professional connections with the Southern California community. Los Angeles County in terms of GDP represents the 16th largest economy in the world.  Due to long term relationships, the Canton Fair and Ministry of Commerce requested Mr. Stephen Perl to prepare a Business seminar for Vice President Xi Jinping’s visit to create awareness of his strong interest in continuing to strengthen trade relations and cultural awareness between the two countries. As CEO of both ChinaMart® and PMF Bancorp, Mr. Stephen Perl has worked with the Canton Fair on many events closely over the last decade and built strong business and personal within China.  Mr. Stephen Perl, considered one of the world’s experts on China and its trade with the US, has recently authored a business book designed to help the US and its businesses create stronger relationships in China called, “Dancing with the Dragon: The Secrets of Doing Business with China”.

Mr. Stephen Perl has been asked to host and organize the  business delegation track of the Chinese Vice President which will begin on Feb 16th with a business mixer and Match-Making session to promote US exports and imports at the ChinaMart® Los Angeles (for more info on Match-Making portion of the Seminar: ).  After the session, the second portion of the Seminar will move to Pepperdine University’s Business School at Howard Hughes Campus where the  the Dean of the Graziadio’s Business School, Linda Livingstone, PhD ( will introduce Dr. Terry Young, the Chairman of Pepperdine’s Economics Department who will make a presentation to the Vice President’s business delegation. Dr. Young will speak on US- China Trade relations and the current economic situation between the two countries at Pepperdine’s Graziadio’s Business School.

With a strong focus on trade and trade finance, Chinamart® and PMF Bancorp, respectively, have longstanding business ties with China and have the resources to power US Exports in the United States and our Southern California region of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County’s World Trade Center’s President, Vance Baugham, a close partner of ChinaMart® and PMF Bancorp will sponsor and also speak at the event to welcome the delegation.  The World Trade Center Los Angeles-Long Beach’s mission is to facilitate the growth and jobs in Los Angeles County by enhancing trade relations and trade deals with China. The event is also sponsored by the Law Firm of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP (“MSK” –   MSK is a leading US private law firm specializing in corporate law, litigation, immigration with specialties in entertainment, real-estate, and international business.  Mr. Les Gold, Chair of their Corporate Depart at MSK will provide a welcome address at the Pepperdine Lunch event as well.

In recent speeches, Vice President Xi Jinping has stressed that China’s “core interests” should be respected, but believes that there is much room for financial and business cooperation between China and the United States. Stephen Perl, CEO of ChinaMart® and PMF Bancorp, agrees wholeheartedly with the Chinese Vice President. Stephen Perl expresses his faith in the economic future of both countries: “I am so proud to be chosen to help host his visit by the progressive Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping because it symbolizes a future of ongoing trade, relations, and the prosperous future growth in our two great countries.”

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