Is the U.S. Government Over Reaching on China’s Purchase of AMC?

I am all for protecting our National Security interests in the USA…the CNOOC Oil deal needed oversight, especially since oil is a national interest and Unocal 76 Oil was publicly traded.

But, why is the US Government’s approval needed to sell AMC to the Chinese, Dalian Wanda Group…AMC is a private company held by an equity fund and it is certainly not a matter of “National Security” in anyway!  The billionaire Chinese tycoon, Wang Jianlin simply stated that our theaters are cheaper to buy than in China and it made sense from an investment standpoint.  Why does a billionaire need to have US-Sino synergy or approval from the US government to buy a regular company?  This could only help maintain property prices, expand the theaters’ capabilities, add value to exist malls in the US, etc….  The US Government is over-reaching in this and many other business cases… I see an unfortunate trend or Parental-ism and Socialism pervading our country and its not a good sign.

In this day and age, our politicians should not be wasting our tax payer’s money and time with AMC…we need to be focused on fixing real issues like our Social Security System and our Medical System which are arguably the two largest threats to our country’s safety today. For more info on my blog visit: PMF Bancorp Blog Website.