Is this the Golden Opportunity for Obama & Xi in Rancho Mirage?

As I have been yelling for the last 5 years at the top of my lungs, in my book, on my blogs…the US Government needs a lesson in “guanxi” so that they can begin to build the real relations with China on a cultural level of understanding before they talk about human rights, security issues, etc…the US Government needs what I call in my book, a “guanxi bridge” or something that will connect our two cultures in terms of trust. Even though Obama and his administration is still clueless, they have stumbled in the right direction is hosting a one on one meeting with President Xi in Rancho Mirage, CA last weekend. The Polituro or the 8 families that really control China are bent on ruling by consensus as I described in my book, Dancing with the Dragon (2012), because it prevents outside relationships from affecting their style of rule and decision making. However, President Xi and his family line, even though considered to be one of China’s anointed family lines, is still considered the most radical side of their ruling party. President Xi’s father was one of the main players in 1949 Revolution and close friend to Mao; however, his thoughts became a little wild for several decades and the government placed him under house arrest or some sort of control for that period, but then he fell into good graces again and the Chinese government let him run Guangdong (which is now China’s strongest economic State in the south and arguably in the country). Mr. Xi’s father turned Guangdong into the most successful and progressive State in China.

I have been hollowing our US Government needs to first understand Chinese culture before it begins to make deals…one of my friends in the House, Congressman Ed Royce gets it and he also got a copy of my book. Now, if I could only get Obama to read Chapters 2 and 3….our golden window of opportunity is here.

By Stephen Perl, Author of Dancing with the Dragon