Makes Agreement with WenZhou Brand Name Center to Showcase 100 Top Chinese Brands 温州品牌打入美国市场温州名品购物中心落户洛杉矶中国商贸城

ChinaMart Los Angeles made a deal on June 14th, 2010 with Wenzhou Brand Name Center to promote their Top 100 Brands in Wenzhou into the US Market with ChinaMart’s marketing team’s support. 

Los Angeles (PRWEB)June 21, 2010 — ChinaMart(TM) Los Angeles (CMLA – ) hosted WenZhou Delegation of 50 companies to its Los Angeles International Airport Conference Center. Stephen Perl, CEO of ChinaMart Los Angeles met with Wenzhou Delegation leaders sent by Wenzhou Government to setup the first WenZhou Brand Name Center in the US. After many months of high level meetings in China and the US, the Partnership between CMLA and the Wenzhou Brand Name Center was formed. ChinaMart Los Angeles will be responsible for setting up the entry of all the WenZhou Branded companies into Los Angeles/ US Market. ChinaMart’s seasoned management and marketing staff will execute this operation as it has done with many other Chinese manufacturers already showcasing and operating from the China Mart facility at the Los Angeles International Airport.

“China Mart Los Angeles is now in advanced meeting with many of China’s top Cities to support their best manufacturers in opening branches directly in the U.S. Market,” states Stephen Perl CEO of China Mart Los Angeles. “Wenzhou is one of China top manufacturing regions in China and is eager to expand its presence directly into the US Market and we look forward to having ChinaMart’s assistance in accomplishing this goal,” states Mr. Bao, WenZhou Delegation leader. In addition, 1st PMF Bancorp (, a key partner of the ChnaMart, sponsored the ChinaMart meeting with WenZhou and presented its specialized financial products for Chinese that assist in supporting the WenZhou companies that move to the US. ChinaMart and its partners have created the only “One-Stop Solution” specially designed for Chinese manufacturers to directly setup, grow, and open the US market.

商贸城同时也是PMF银行总裁的Stephen Peal先生在介绍商贸城的优势时表示,除了有近3万平方米展厅、大型物流仓储等硬件条件外,商贸城最重要的2项独有功能是在资金方面的扶持以及利用银行的商业网络为客户建立专业的销售团队,为中国企业提供最佳的机遇和平台。主持当天活动的 雯表示,“温州名品购物中心管理公司”落户在中国商贸城,温州的企业和商人到美国就能做生意,省时、省力、又省钱,为企业带来实。当地主要华文媒体对此事表示出强烈关注,均有报道。(for more info