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Dear ChinaMart® Community Member,

ChinaMart® is a platform based in the U.S. with an office network throughout China. Our main goal is to help facilitate trade between U.S. and China. We have services to assist U.S. companies in selling in to the Chinese market as well services assisting Chinese companies selling into the U.S. market as well. We proovide a myriad of marketing and selling services to help your business accomplish its goals.

For years, our experienced marketing and financial service staff have assisted our Chinese and U.S. manufacturers & wholesalers. Our marketing staff has assisted many Chinese companies in opening the door and selling to major U.S. retailers such as Walmart, Target and Costco. Our experienced staff in our China offices has also helped many U.S. companies open the Chinese market and setup trade booths at the largest trade fairs throughout China to promote their products.

With our specialized knowledge in the area of marketing and sales, we can offer various “ChinaMart White Papers” that are informative pieces meant to asist you in your decision making process to sell your prooduct. We will update this page and add new “ChinaMart White Papers on Inside Tips to Trade”.

Additionally, we have made many of seminars and informative videos available via our “ChinaMart TV” channel. Please see link below and feel free to browse our library and other videos on the wholesale trade in the U.S.

The “ChinaMart White Papers” are confidential and meant only for the use of the individual “ChinaMart Community Member” and not meant for general distribution and/or re-publication without written consent from ChinaMart®.

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*Note: All “China White Papers” are for information purposes only… note ChinaMart® does not recommend asny actions and/or provide advice to “China Community Members” unless they are a client in a ChinaMart® Service Agreement.