New Book: “Doing Business with China: The Secrets of Dancing with the Dragon” by Stephen Perl

ChinaMart USA Book Publishing Inc. in conjunction with Arbor Books has published the latest book in a series focused on furthering international relations between the US and China.

ChinaMart and/or Arbor Books do not necessarily represent the authors ideas but supports the overall cooperation between the two great countries of the US and China in various books on the related subjects.

“No matter what changes affect the international situation, our commitment to developing the Sino-U.S. cooperative partnership should never waver in the face of passing developments,” states Vice President Xi Jinping.

We look forward to having all our politician having the foresight of China’s Vice President Xi Jinping. Please enjoy our latest publication.

Book Intro:
Stephen Perl, one of the leading experts on trade with China and the author of his new book, “Doing Business with China: The Secrets of Dancing With the Dragon” says that it has never been a better opportunity to make money in the Chinese market with consumer demand about to explode.

Why read this book?

  • Countless Jewels for Business and Government Execs wanting to understand China better
  • Understanding the Art of Relationships in China
  • Deal making in China
  • Setting up New Companies in China
  • Their Legal system, property ownership, taxes, financing, Sales Channels in China…
    and much, much more.

“Today, China and Asia are the fastest growing economies in the world,” says Mr. Perl. “It is vital that US businesses take advantage of this trillion-dollar Chinese market when consumer demand is growing at tremendous rates and the Chinese public’s preference is to buy ‘Made in the USA’ goods.” “We know this to true because the fastest growth in our exports are happening to China…so why aren’t we treating China like one of our best clients instead of alienating them on policy issues that are not material relative to nation’s future economy”, asserts Mr. Perl.Buy this book online at any of the major, and

Author Bio:

Stephen Perl is the CEO of 1st PMF Bancorp (, a leading US commercial bank lender, and the founder and CEO of ChinaMart Los Angeles (, the largest physical showroom and investment platform of its kind that assists and supports China and US trade. Mr. Perl actively serves on the County of Los Angeles Board of Governors and the City of Los Angeles Economic Advisory Board. Additionally he is a director on the board of the Commercial Finance Association, the largest commercial lenders’s association in the US and certified United States Bank Export-Import Lender.