Our Govt Missed the Course on ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ when it comes to China

Many at the top in the US Government apparently have not read Dale Carnegie’s book or have chosen to simply refute its findings. When dealing with another, try to be appreciative and see the situation from their angle and work backwards to achieve the mutually beneficial goal … this sums up a strategy that would be very effective when dealing with the Chinese (but it probably wouldn’t be good for his re-election).

For example, greeting the soon to be President of China, Xi Jinping in Washington after his first visit in 27 years with a two second hello and then an inquisition on his policies for trade, currency, and human rights for the rest of the time just does not seem right, especially when he is still the Vice President of China and cannot trump his current boss President Hu. It just seemed so obvious that this invitation to visit the White House was so staged for Obama’s re-election propaganda machine as if he were throwing free meat to his Labor Union voters that are chomping at the bit for blood.

In the Wall Street Journal yesterday, Obama again is slamming China at the WTO for not giving us complete access to all the precious metals they are mining…he is now setting up another “New Task Force to Press China’s trade and Business Practices”.

If he only spent this much effort trying to reduce our deficit and fix the major issues in our economy like Social Security and Medicare…we would all be in such a better position for ourselves and our children.

China is not the enemy and once the people of our country realize our politicians and media are just using China as an escape goat for their inability to lead and make our country a place where business and education flourish again, then we will remain in this state of slow deterioration that likes of Rome and other great nations eventually succumbed to ….

I am just saying… hope some cares about this stuff as well because I am just in shock on a daily basis when reading the news. History does not lie and this is the truth.