ChinaMart® USA has assisted in marketing many product lines over the years throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America… ChinaMart®‘s philosophy is not to just talk about sales to its clients, but to lead by example by helping design products and launching them into new sales channels.

Our existing large U.S. retail store partners and their sales channels are very useful to our other clients as well as new clients because ChinaMart can place product from U.S. or Chinese companies quickly into the U.S. retail sales channel without the long process typically needed to setup new vendor accounts at the major retailers.  In most cases, the our foreign company clients cannot even meet the hurdles of insurance, financial strength, etc. that is required by the major U.S. retailers.


Therefore, using ChinaMart larges U.S. retail store channels is a very easy, quick and effective way of increasing your company’s sales in the U.S. and for launching new products.