The Truth on the US-China Economic Relationship….

I have just read  Mr. Stephen Roach, Academic CEO of Morgan Stanley and it hits a home-run in bringing the quintessential issues of US-China relations to the table.  It removes the economic smoke that our government has painted for election purposes and logically drives home the overwhelming need to focus on the market opportunities that exist in China for the US. With China being the US’s third largest export market with  US exports to China up 53% since 2007, I think your point is made well on the importance “access to the China market”;  however, on the same note, my book that I published in February of this year, “Doing Business with China: Dancing withthe Dragon” focuses on the next logical issue…”How to Access the Chinese Market”.

One of my chapters, “Creating Your Own Access to China” tells owners how to do this, but stresses that our real opportunities in China cannot be achieved unless our Federal and local government start working closely with business to create real long-term strategies to support this effort.   It’s funny…after all my years of doing business with China, I see the Chinese government putting in these supportive functions in their government to assist their businesses to expand to the US (and other markets!) and their efforts have really worked…why are we not doing this too in the US? (I see small glimmers of this but no real strategy).

If Washington could just stop running for the next election and pandering to every special interest group, and start being proactive and focusing on implementing long term strategies instead of being so reactive…then we could drive a whole new export market to create jobs and opportunities for the US… my book goes into great detail on this matter as well.  This article should be placed in the Wall Street Journal for free… as it could serve as a real public service announcement to wake our country up… Great article.

Article: America’s renminbi fixation, by Stephen Roach, Academic CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia