Will Cheap Capital from China Stop? Who should worry…

Based on latest data, China is becoming more savvy by way of investing its $3.2 trillion in reserves. Because of our politicians inability to agree on a real budget and deficit reduction plan, our economy has not only been down-graded, but worst of all, our currency keeps loosing more of its value.China currently owns $1.73 trillion in US treasury notes as of June 30th which is slightly up from last year, but more disturbingly, China has divested their dollar portion of their reserve holdings from 65% to 54% as of June 30. This trend could easily signal a trend and drive interest rates higher in our economy as attracting new investors would require higher returns.

Our leadership keeps talking about currency manipulation and deficit issues with China, but if we corrected these issues, our economy would still see little material impact… we certainly would not see the creation of the +4 million jobs we have lost since 2007.

We need a government that is focused on our economy at home and that does not create ‘red-herrings’ in order to be re-elected. We need politicians that care about our country more than they care about being re-elected.