Xi Jinping’s China Is A Trade Partner, Not A Trade Enemy

Los Angeles, CA—With the visit of China’s vice president Xi Jinping to the United States and his meeting with President Obama, there is renewed hope for calming American fears regarding the Chinese superpower, according to one Asian business expert.”If we can cut through the anti-China rhetoric, most American would see that the Chinese want to be our friends and business partners,” says http://www.doingbusinesswithchina.net [Stephen Perl, author __title__ stephen perl book author china] of “Dancing with the Dragon: the Secrets for Doing Business with China.” “The Chinese are huge admirers of America…and increased trade and investment between our two countries brings business profits for both, and especially jobs to the US as as my book alludes to if the US could just take a moment to understand their culture and concentrate on building relations,” continues Mr. Perl.

US exports to China grew faster than any other country in last several years and are only continuing to accelerate with almost 10% of all US exports going to China now, according to Mr. Perl who is also the CEO of  1st PMF Bancorp , a leading U.S. commercial bank lender and the CEO of  ChinaMart Los Angeles, a platform that assists Chinese Companies to invest in and open US companies

Yesterday, Mr. Perl’s PMF Bancorp was a host and key sponsor of China’s Vice President Xi Jinping’s Business Delegation to ChinaMart Los Angeles at LAX . The event provided a morning business mixer to meet many Chinese factories in the general merchandise area and to introduce the Canton Fair’s trading division and the China Chamber of Commerce for Import/Export of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts (aka “CCCLA” or “QQ”), the largest Chamber of General Merchandise in China with over 100,000 active members to encourage Trade between the US and China. “The CCCLA’s main initiative this year is to focus on encouraging US exports to China and supporting US companies to exhibit in China,” states Mr. Wang, the Chairman of the CCCLA.

Mr. Perl believes that there are two major issues in the media that need to be addresses quickly in order to help rectify the public perception between the US and China:

  1. DEBT: Many American believe China owns most of US debt. The truth is that the Chinese own less than eight percent of the nearly $15 trillion American debt (Japan owns seven percent and England owns three percent). The majority of American debt is actually held by the US federal government (40%) and local and state governments (5%), with American taxpayers and companies (21%), and other foreign governments (17%) making up the rest.
  2. IMPORTS: Many Americans believe that most of their paycheck goes to buying goods and services originating in China. But according to reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Federal Reserve the actual number is less than three percent (2.7% worth of imports measured against America’s $14.5 trillion economy). In fact, nearly 86% of American consumer spending is on home-grown, made-in-the-USA products.

According to the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR), exports to China neared one hundred billion dollars last year, an increase of nearly a third over the previous year.

US exports to China grew faster than any other country in last several years and are only continuing to accelerate with almost 10% of all US exports going to China now.

Mr. Perl is not alone in his positive attitude toward the Chinese. Erin Burnett, now the CNN anchor of “Outfront,” pointed out as far back as 2007 that “China is our greatest friend right now.They’re keeping prices low, and they’re keeping prices for mortgages low too.” She made the comment on “Hardball” when she was an anchor of CNBC’s “Street Signs.”

Stephen Perl’s book, Doing Business with China: The Secrets of Dancing with the Dragon is a how-to that can help struggling American businesses and government policy makers better understand the Chinese culture and to do business with China in the future.

About the Author
Stephen Perl is the CEO of 1st PMF Bancorp (www.PMFbancorp.com), a leading US commercial bank lender, and the founder and CEO of ChinaMart Los Angeles (www.ChinaMartUSA.com), the first non-government platform that assists and supports Chinese with investing in the US and with US trade. Located at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), ChinaMart is the largest physical showroom and investment platform of its kind in the US. Mr. Perl actively serves on the County of Los Angeles Board of Governors and the City of Los Angeles Economic Advisory Board. Additionally he is a director on the board of the Commercial Finance Association, the largest commercial lender’s association in the US, and a certified United States Export-Import Bank loan officer.