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ChinaMart USA’s focus is leading innovation in product development, sales and trade in the the U.S. and China.  Our branding strategies has gained tremendous market share for our clients.  Since 2006, our experienced team has provided support to many Chinese and U.S. brands that we have created channels for sales in to China as well as the U.S. for a variety of products.

ChinaMart’s primary directive is to serve as a bridge and resource to sell large quantities of product to the U.S. and Chinese markets, while providing “After-Sales Customer Service” that is essential when selling in the US markets.

Most common questions are “Which Industries Specialties do you have?” and “How you provide Financing to support our sales once they begin grow?”

More About Us

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“Developing & Selling ChinaMart® brands in the electronic consumer products area is best illustrated by the many successful products and channels our team has launched over the years…”

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“ChinaMart® has expertise have also accelerated our ability to penetrate many large retailer chains,” states Mr. Wang, successful Chinese manufacture of trashcans.

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Lighting & Design

“ChinaMart’s assistance has allowed us to  expanded our sales to HomeDepot, Target, and other major retailers,” states Mrs. Lu from Shenzhen lighting company.

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“ChinaMart’s custom electronic equipment integrated into our furniture has given us the ability to WOW the large US retailers and successfully sell many of our furniture products in the USA,” explains Mr. Guo from Zhejiang Office furniture factory.

Company Profile

Since 2006, ChinaMart® has been the first USA platform dedicated to sales of U.S. and Chinese products in a variety of areas such as furniture, electronics and many others.

ChinaMart has a network of partner warehouses and customer service centers to create a more efficient structure to manage sales and “After Sale Service Support”.